Welcome to GOFI - Redefined SeedsSeed with Innovations….  
  We are for cause of farmers. We consider concept of improving farms rather than improving pharmacies. We are the developers of technology and innovations to help the farmers to increase his income level and self status in the economically growing society. We are concentrating on innovative varieties/hybrids which should be suitable for biotic and abiotic stress and conditions of climate change. Our breeders develop the right products with specific market needs like the requisite disease resistance(s), keeping quality, taste and adaptability etc. Our varieties/hybrids should ensure maximum yield and profitability to farmers and it should cater the needs of consumer in terms of quality and nutrition.  
GOFI is a Seed company found by scholars of agriculture to improve the farms of India for sustainable development of agriculture and to meet Indian and global food demand. Agriculture is only cultures which don’t have an alternative. We are for assisting farmers to improve farm produce by our Research on crop improvement, Biogenetics and Biotechnology. Our ultimate goal is to enhance seed replacement rate in Indian Agriculture.
Farmers success is our success
Since beginning of the company, the GOFI seeds are known for its quality due to dedicated efforts of our seed scholars.
  To be farmer friendly seed brand in India.
  Enhancing seed replacement rate in Indian Agriculture.
  To provide superior quality turn-key solutions to farmers through research in crop improvement and production of innovations
    carrying seeds.
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